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Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pie (No Bake)

Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pie (No Bake)

Before there were pudding mixes, this was the “no-bake” way to make chocolate pie.  Rich, silky and full of chocolate flavor – the filling takes 5 minutes to make. Perfect served with whipped cream, this chocolate pie is elegant enough for guests yet easy enough to serve during the week. Old-Fashioned Chocolate Pie 1 cup sugar … Continue reading

Sunday Pasta Sauce and Meatballs

Sunday Pasta Sauce and Meatballs

Growing up, Sunday was always pasta day.  My father would start his sauce on Saturday – giving it the day to simmer and develop its flavors. The only thing that ever changed was the type of pasta he served.  Sometimes ravioli or cavatelli (my personal favorite) – all made by my grandmother.  Other times it was just really good quality boxed … Continue reading

Anise Pizzelles

Anise Pizzelles

My grandmother always had pizzelles on hand just in case she “got company”.  Lucky for me, she always had a few set aside for me.  This is her recipe.  Feel free to substitute other flavorings such as vanilla or lemon.  She preferred anise, so that is how I make them for my kids. Anise Pizzelles … Continue reading

Super Easy, Super Fast Cooking – Omelet In A Cup

I love eggs…and cheese…and bacon…and sometimes vegetables!  But I don’t always want to get involved with cooking a major breakfast early in the morning.  This is a super easy way to have eggs for breakfast (also for dinner or a snack).  My older kids customize this according to whatever leftovers I have sitting in the fridge.  … Continue reading

Garlic Cheese Bread

For dinner tonight we are having some leftover magic inspired by the competition going on over at Danny’s Kitchen  –  it’s going to be a cross between Jambalaya and Cajun Alfredo pasta (stay tuned…).  Since this dish is probably going to be a little spicy, I thought this bread might be nice to go with … Continue reading

Bacon and Maple Waffles

  My 2-year-old is a waffle fanatic.  She asks for them everyday, so usually I make up a double batch and keep them in the freezer.  To thaw, I just place a frozen waffle in the toaster and we are good to go.  Today I decided (there weren’t any left in the freezer) to try … Continue reading

Homemade Microwave Popcorn!

  While watching movies with my family tonight, my hubby had a major craving for popcorn…so we decided  to try making our own microwave popcorn  – just for fun! Normally I make popcorn on top of the stove (the old-fashioned way), but my daughter read somwhere that you could make popcorn in the microwave using … Continue reading

Homemade Bread the Easy Way…Batter Bread!

There is nothing quite like the aroma of fresh bread, well…maybe that first bite of warm deliciousness!  In our house, I try to make the majority of our food from scratch.  I do this for a variety of reasons, but the main two reasons are to cut out unnecessary ingredients and to stretch our grocery budget … Continue reading

6 Steps to Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

So many times I have boiled up a batch of hard-boiled eggs, only to find that once peeled they had a very distinct green ring around the yolks.  Yuck!  The trick is not to over cook them.  Easier said than done, right? Wrong! Follow these steps to perfect eggs, every time! 1.  Place as many eggs as … Continue reading