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50 Foodie Tips and Tricks

In honor of MCW’s 100th post – I’m posting 50 of the top tips and tricks for cooking.  I know this is not an exhaustive list – there are many more ways to save time, cut costs and cook better…but it’s a start!  My favorites are #21 and #23! 50 Foodie Tips and Tricks 1                     … Continue reading

A New Challenge

Starting soon, my recipes will start taking on a new focus.  I am re-entering the workforce (part-time), as a cook in my father’s newest venture – a pizza shop!   Most of the time I will be there early in the morning prepping the dough, sauce and other items. Sometimes I will be cooking during the day.  I … Continue reading

Sunday Pasta Sauce and Meatballs

Sunday Pasta Sauce and Meatballs

Growing up, Sunday was always pasta day.  My father would start his sauce on Saturday – giving it the day to simmer and develop its flavors. The only thing that ever changed was the type of pasta he served.  Sometimes ravioli or cavatelli (my personal favorite) – all made by my grandmother.  Other times it was just really good quality boxed … Continue reading

Freezer Cooking – Beef Enchiladas

  Today was a busy day spent spring cleaning.  Realizing that dinner time was right around the corner I started to panic!  Then I remembered that 2 weeks ago I made a double batch of beef enchiladas, 1 for supper and the other went into the deep freeze.  I was saved!  I really have to … Continue reading