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50 Foodie Tips and Tricks

In honor of MCW’s 100th post – I’m posting 50 of the top tips and tricks for cooking.  I know this is not an exhaustive list – there are many more ways to save time, cut costs and cook better…but it’s a start!  My favorites are #21 and #23! 50 Foodie Tips and Tricks 1                     … Continue reading

Back to Basics –  Brownies From Scratch

Back to Basics – Brownies From Scratch

I made some brownies today for my son who also happens to be a certified chocoholic.  He has figured out if he does his chores without being told or grumbling, I am more likely to make some of his favorite treats!  I like this recipe because it calls for cocoa powder instead of baking chocolate … Continue reading

Learning To Cook From Scratch

I ended my self-imposed “Cooking From Scratch Experiment” this weekend…and what an experience!  It was so much fun thinking “outside the box” in terms of food for my family.  I am a firm believer in eating real food – not processed and full of chemicals, additives and preservatives.  I also think it’s very important to teach my … Continue reading

The Modern Pantry List

There are many benefits to keeping a stocked pantry.  One of them is that you know exactly what you have on hand – no more accidental duplicates!  I keep a list of everything I have in the cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.  This way I know what I have, what I need and what needs used up before it goes … Continue reading

Basic Bread Bowls

Basic Bread Bowls

Today my husband requested I make spinach and feta dip baked in a bread bowl – one of his all-time favorite snacks (recipe coming later today).  The more I thought about it, the better it sounded!  I quickly got to work on the dough for the bread bowl.  This is an adaptation of my standard white bread recipe.  … Continue reading