My First Sourdough – Part 2

It’s been 5 days since I made My First Sourdough Starter (see here).  This morning my container of starter was puffy, bubbly and had a pleasant sour aroma – that means it’s time to bake some bread!

Here is what the starter looked like on Day 1:

Sourdough Starter – Day 1

To recap what I did during the past five days…

  • I made the starter (recipe here)
  • Each morning, I stirred it down (quite vigorously)
  • Any crust that developed was stirred back into the starter

Here is what the starter looked like on Day 5 (it’s hard to tell from the picture, but it’s very puffy and bubbly):

Sourdough Starter – Day 5

Today, after I stirred the starter – I placed 2 cups of it in a large bowl (the consistency is similar to thick pancake batter) and added:

1 1/2 cups warm water

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 cups white bread flour

Mix ingredients until a sticky dough forms.  Cover the bowl with oiled plastic wrap and refrigerate for 12 – 14 hours, letting it rise until doubled.

Sourdough – Ready to Rise

Tomorrow I will shape and bake the bread….stay tuned!  I’m so excited!


36 thoughts on “My First Sourdough – Part 2

  1. Here in cold Tasmania I am following every one of your sourdough posts with more interest than I would have thought. I have been trying to get a natural sourdough starter going but it would appear my husbands wine beasties rule this roost and I no sooner get something going than it turns to vinegar. I have never contemplated using yeast as a starter. I guess everyone out there wants their own private San Francisco, but if yeast works and vinegar water doesn’t …I might just be going the road less travelled! I want to see a loaf of bread and then I will be sold! Thank you so much for this and your last post on sourdough bread. Again…I didn’t even think of using yeast for it and wasn’t too sure about whether you can keep the starter going once started with packet yeast…best of luck with that bread and take a lovely photo of it please so that I can let my mind wander 🙂

    • I surely will! I started with yeast mostly because I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to get a more natural one started – I wanted to get my feet wet with a success! I will be baking tomorrow – wish me luck!

  2. What an undertaking, I can barely make my own regular wheat bread. So I know this shows how little I know about making bread but don’t you usually set bread to rise in a warm place? How is it that this one will rise in the fridge?

    • You are right – normally yeast dough is set in a warm place to rise fairly quickly. Yeast will however, rise in the refrigerator – it just takes much longer – and the slower the rise, the deeper the flavor.

  3. Following your saga with interest. Have you ever made the friendship cake? It also has a starter, much like sourdough, which you’re supposed to share with friends (hence the name). But I think I like sourdough bread more.

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  5. When my children were small I baked bread from this very same sourdough starter three times a week. I’d put the loaves on top of the refrigerator to rise in the morning and bake the bread in the evening. It’s fantastic.

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