The Modern Pantry Price Book

Another tool for keeping the grocery budget down is a price book.  This is a list of  the items bought in bulk, how much they cost and the per unit cost.  This is helpful for determining how much money is spent on any particular item.  It’s also very useful when it comes to sales and specials at the supermarket – You can tell at a glance if an item is lower or higher than usual and purchase accordingly.  I keep a copy of this list in my purse for easy reference.  I have also used this list to help with menu planning – if my budget is low, I can easily see what items to buy or not buy!

Item Total Cost Cost Breakdown
Bacon $2.99 per pound $.20 per slice (average 15 slices per pound)
Baking Powder $5.78/60 ounces $.02 per teaspoon
Baking Soda $6.68/13.5 pounds $.01 per teaspoon
Bananas $.59 per pound $.19 each
Brown Sugar $5.59/7 pounds $.40 per cup
Butter $1.97/pound $.49 per stick ($.06 per tablespoon)
Cheddar Cheese $10.92/5 pounds $.55 per cup
Cocoa $6.78/23 ounces $.05 per tablespoon
Cornstarch $2.48/35 ounces $.04 per tablespoon
Cream Cheese $6.48/48 ounces $1.08 per cup
Eggs $1.10/dozen $.09 per egg
Feta Cheese $4.78/pound $2.39 per cup
Flour, White $.08/cup $.08 per cup
Garlic $3.97/2 pounds $.03 per clove
Heavy Cream $3.18/quart $.80 per cup
Lemons $4.97/3 pounds $.82 per lemon
Maple Syrup $13.28/32 ounces $.21 per tablespoon
Mayonnaise $7.68/64 ounces $.96 per cup
Milk $3.60/gallon $.23 per cup
Mozzarella $10.66 /5 pounds $.54 per cup
Oatmeal $7.28/9 pounds $.27 per cup
Olive Oil $13.88/101 ounces $.07 per tablespoon
Onions, Yellow $4.48/10 pounds $.45 per pound (4 -5 medium onions per pound)
Parmesan $15.49 per pound for Parmigiano Reggiano $.48 per tablespoon
Pasta, Dry $1.00 per pound (8 cups cooked) $.13 per cup cooked pasta
Peanut Butter $9.67/6 pounds $.81 per cup
Popcorn Kernals $21.98/50 pounds $.14 per four cups popped (2 T dry)
Potatoes, White $6.98/15 pounds $.47 per pound (2 – 3 medium potatoes per pound)
Powdered Sugar $5.63/7 pounds $.20 per cup
Rice, White $8.99/25 pounds $.18 per cup
Romano Cheese $11.99 per pound for Locatelli $.37 per tablespoon
Shortening $7.80/6 pounds $.65 per cup
Sour Cream $6.30/80 ounces $.63 per cup
Tuna, Canned $.79 per tin packed in water
Vanilla, Pure Extract $6.88/16 ounces $.07 per teaspoon
Vegetable Oil $8.98/1.25 gallons $.03 per tablespoon
White Sugar $6.34/10 pounds $.32 per cup
Yeast $4.68 for 2/16 ounce bags $.04 per 2 1/4 teaspoons
Yogurt $2.18/32 ounces $.55 per cup

Do you keep a price book?  If not, why?  If so, do you keep a per serving costs as well?  What other tools do you find helpful in keeping your grocery budget down?  I’d love to hear from you! 

22 thoughts on “The Modern Pantry Price Book

  1. Great idea. I don’t keep a price book but I am going to start. I intend to keep the grocery budget down but end up overspending. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Stephanie – good idea – I don’t keep a price book but I do manage a mental list – i remember prices from one store to the next – I didn’t realize that I was doing that until my husband went on strike a few years ago – we were living on a very small salary for about 6 months and I was very surprised how my mental notes came in to play when budgeting with very little money – I’ll have to start a notebook very good idea..

    • Thanks! Before I started the price book, I tried would try to remember….but I usually have to shop with the kids and that’s a lot of distraction! It is amazing how much it helps knowing what prices are good!

  3. What a great idea! I haven’t in the past, but I think I’ll start one. I’m like Momwhearingloss – I’ve always kept a mental note. But your method is much more efficient. ❤

  4. I totally have one of these! It helps so much with shopping and knowing when you’re getting a deal. There’s no way I can remember all of it without it written down somewhere. People look at me a bit strange when I pull out my sheet in the store, but, I say, whatever works!

  5. my best ally to keep costs down is my meal plan 🙂 I know what I am going to cook, and a check to my pantry tells me what I need to complete the recipes. No wasting and happy bank balance

  6. oh my god. i love this. I’m totally making one too what a great idea! I wish I could just print out yours but prices tend to be a bit higher in Hawaii.., but thanks for the idea and the head start!!

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